Dark LIPS, chokers, leather trousers, spiked anything, goth glam styles. No this is not a BDSM sequence. Or a Vampire series sequel. Nor is it a trip down memory lane. Nope. This is 2013 -2014 biggest makeup & beauty trend ever. Or at least since those 90′s. DARK LIPS. For the past year or so red lipstick started getting a hue darker every time a celeb donned it on the red carpet, until wearing black (or close to it anyway) lipstick was the coolest thing eva’. The way I see it, we could blame this uber cool yet not-so-flattering-on-everyone-beauty-trend on either Rihanna or Azealia Banks, or on today’s hipster kids who missed out on the 90′s and wanna jump on the wagon we drove in the 1st place.

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Punkie Trend


There’s something irresistibly naughty about tartan baby-doll dresses, cropped jackets, and separates that skim the body in a quietly seductive way.

Plaid can seem too prim, so hair should be a little wild. Swipe on dark lipstick or eyeliner to give this look some bite. In other words, the less put together, the better! Pair a tartan top with leather pants, or pull on tall boots with a plaid dress. Unexpected shapes work well in the office. So do tapered trousers or high heeled tartan pumps.

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It happens to me every year. Deep into summer, after multiple weeks of wearing little sundresses and short shorts, I start fantasizing about beanies, chunky knit tops, the smell of leather goods, black, oxblood red, boots, smokey eyes, the perfect LBD and tons of accessories! At this point, we can scarcely contain our excitement for fall. Here’s a handful of fall’s most stylish pieces that we look into transition from summer to fall easily for inspiration.

Replacing the glitter trend.

So exactly how did we gotten so obsessed with holograms..?

Thanks to SS” 13 runway shows.

A hologram is a negative produced by exposing a high-res photographic plate near a subject illuminated by monochromatic radiation. When the subject is placed in a beam of coherent light, a true 3-D image is formed.

I love the feeling of all that iridescent mix of yellow, blue, orange, green and purple, basically the rainbow…it’s damn chic and very extreme at the same.